New HDInsight Visual Studio Tools


Exciting news for any HDInsight users out there. 

Today we released “HDInsight Visual Studio Tools  – July Update”, aka a bunch of totally cool updates to our already kick-ass HDInsight Visual Studio tool kit!

The update includes a smattering of new features but I’m most excited about the following three

      1. Hive IDE with full intellisense integration
      2. Hive execution engine for jobs utilizing Tez
      3. Templates for Storm with other Azure services, including DocDB, Event hubs, and SQL Azure

These HDInsight Visual Studio tools bring us another step closer to full cluster management via VS!


Hive IDE with full IntelliSense integration

What is this?  I can actually write hive statements as I would code in any other language? YUPPPPPP.  So awesome!  For those of you who never know what comes next in the create table syntax(Is  LOCATION or ROW FORMAT DELIMITED first?) you are saved!  In case you just woke up from a 10 year nap, IntelliSense provides recommendations to what may come next in your code block, keeping track of all of your created variables and methods.  It now supports almost all Hive DML statements, including subqueries, INSERT OVERWRITE statements, CTAS statements, etc.   Also, columns and built-in UDFs are now automatically suggested so you don’t have to remember a bunch of function names!




Hive execution engine for jobs utilizing Tez

Spend a day working in hive and you’ll quickly learn how hard it can be to figure out how exactly how a query is working under the covers.  Add in the complexity of Tez and it can become almost impossible.  Luckily, Tez runs as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) allowing for more specialized workflow models to be implemented.  The new VS tools provides the ability to easily investigate which workflow was implemented after execution of a Hive job.  This is helpful for many things but is mostly used for performance tuning of queries.  This will work for both Windows and Linux based clusters too!



Templates for Storm with Azure services, including DocDB, Event hubs, SQL Azure, and more

Storm has been a first class citizen on Azure for a few months and we have now released a number of samples.  Writing Storm applications that utilize Azure services or services running on Azure are infinitely easier to spin up now.  The new applications include example code as well as a plethora of comments, explaining not only what the code does, by why it does it and the pitfalls to watch out for.  There are examples of both reading and writing to most of the Azure services and its possible get it going in only a few steps.


This is just what I’ve found the most valuable in the new release, but there are many more features, including the addition of Pig scripts, so download the HDInsight Visual Studio Tools and get to exploring!

Happy Developing


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