5 Apache Spark Training Videos with the HDInsight Team

Let’s learn Spark!

After looking around for some readiness materials on getting started with Apache Spark, I noticed a lack of videos explaining the main components! Instead of waiting around for them to be created, we took things into our own hands. Today we’re releasing 5 videos, each with a HDInsight product team member, around the pieces of HDInsight they specifically work on or own. The videos were made by developers, for developers, and therefore contain primarily technical content. It’s advised to have an understanding of Hadoop before jumping in, so make sure you’re up for it! You can access all of the Apache Spark training videos by by clicking below.

The Entire Series

What’s Up With Spark(1/5): Spark Architecture- Andrew Moll, Alejandro Guerrero Gonzalez, and Joel Zambrano

What’s up with Spark(2/5) : SparkSQL – Andrew Moll, Asad Khan

What’s up with Spark(3/5): Jupyter and Zeppelin Notebooks – Andrew Moll, Joel Zambrano

What’s up with Spark(4/5) – Spark Machine Learning – Andrew Moll, Alejandro Guerrero Gonzalez

What’s Up With Spark(5/5): Spark Streaming – Andrew Moll, Shanyu Zaho


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